What does wdclear 1.3 clear?

Hello everybody

I own a wdclear 1.30. What I would like to ask here is what does really wdclear clear. As far as I know it writes data to all sectors. But there are sectors on HDD created by producers such as HPA - HOST PROTECTED AREA. Does wdclear clear these sectors?

Is it possible that a viruse resiedes there in HPA sector so that it will surivive paritioning?



Wdclear is not a WD application. If you want to write zeros to you drive I recommend you use WD DLG.

Why does WD offer a non-bootable program, why don’t you offer a bootable ISO file on a CD instead! Am I supposed to create a bootable files because you don’t know how to do it? What is the idea of a non-bootanle EXE file. I don’t get it!