What does this Tray Icon mean/do?

The little arrow next to “WDMyCloud” flips when clicked, but I cannot discern any change in actual behavior. I am troubleshooting sync problems and not sure if this has anything to do with it. Please advise what this is because it does not appear in the manual. Thanks!

When you click the arrow/caret next to the My Cloud name in the WD Sync task tray icon it should show the last few successful file sync’s. Keep in mind that you will have sync problems if you have the file to be synced open while the WD Sync program tries to sync that file.

I found that the few times I’ve used the WD Sync program I had to hit the Pause Syncing option then hit the option to resume syncing to get some files to start syncing.

Like some others I dumped the WD Sync program and use FreeFileSync instead if I need to sync files.

Thanks. It does not do anything for me. I guess I will be looking at FFS…thanks!