What does this locked/pinned topic thread title mean?

Why - " New Release - My Cloud Mirror Firmware Release 2.12.127 (01/8/19)" especially what I take to be a date at the end. To me it says the 1st August 2019 which is clearly impossible and the alternative date notation meaning the 8th January 2019 is incorrect since the release was in March 2017.

If I try to check for firmware updates from the MCM web interface, I get - “Unable to connect to the firmware update server. Please check the network connection and try again.”. The firmware reported is version 2.31.163 which I believe is the most recent version.

For me it would help if the information in the community forum was clearer and more accurate. Perhaps it’s just me who is easily confused.

No, that date is correct. 2.12.127 was released on January 8, 2019 per the link in that thread:


If you have 2.31.163, you don’t have the Mirror. You have the single-bay Gen 1, which is the sticky thread above the one you’re referencing.

No I have a 4GB MyCloudMirror Gen2 with firmware 2.31.163 as can be seen from the screenshots.


That’s the first time you mentioned what you have. :). The sticky thread only refers to the Gen 1.

I started out confused and was even more so by -
*“If you have 2.31.163, you don’t have the Mirror. You have the single-bay Gen 1”.

The thread I’m referring to dates from March 2017 but has a date at the side of the thread title of 01/8/19. If old versions of any firmware be it for Gen1 or Gen2 are being updated without a change in version number it’s worrying.

The topic was probably originally posted back in ‘17 but has been updated/edited with new releases.

OK, perhaps just me being me.

(but it’s still wrong :grin: )