What does the term user-serviceable actually mean?

I would like to know what it means practically

If my MyBookWE2 has 1+1 TB capacity and I would like to upgrade it up to 2+2 TB… is it serviceable by me?

Am I supposed to perform such operations like changing one of its HDD to bigger one?

Of course!! , You can change the 1TBs Drives For 2 TBs However Remenber that doing this will Not Have the Same Data as the 1TBS ok , so try to copy the information somewhere else :open_mouth:

Yes I am probably allowed to replace one drive with new one. But it is not clear how exactly the process of synchronization will be done. The user guide supposes that my MBWE II is configured as RAID meanwhile mine is configured as just two independent drives, and I have no idea what will happen with original first drive if I replace second drive with a completely new one of bigger capacity. Will the system copy all the system files from first drive onto new drive? Will it offer to create a new partition on the new drive? At the moment I can only guess, and I cannot find anyone who did it successfully and may confirm that approach - and that’s what is worrying me

“User-serviceable” means that when a drive fails, you can open up the enclosure and replace the drive yourself.  For your My Book World Edition II, this means you can pull a single drive and replace it with the warranty replacement drive or run out and buy a Green Powered drive of identical capacity and throw it into your MBWE II while you’re waiting for your warranty replacement to arrive.  This is useful because you can keep a hot spare around if you like or go buy one if you really need to (please note that the drive needs to be zeroed out before placing it in the enclosure).

Our My Book World drives are not capacity upgradeable and adding a second drive would not increase the capacity of the unit.  I haven’t tested that a larger drive would even work (although looking around I have the right stuff on my desk and I suppose I could) but I would recommend using an identically sized drive.

Our only upgradeable unit in terms of storage is the WD ShareSpace.