What does the screen look like?

As someone who only has the WDTV Live - I wonder about the cover abilities of the Hub. I see TonyPh12345 has made a tool to fetch information about TV shows, but it doesn’t show me what the end result looks like. Can someone point me to some pictures of the end results? I’m curious :slight_smile:

If you look on the themes board you will see some pictures.



aaahhhhh   buck rogers !!!


That example photo is a little dated.   

I used the software I wrote to create that metadata, but now:

1->  The TIME & GENRE is shown (instead of N/A)

2->  The TITLE now shows instead of the File Name.

3->  The TVDB FAN-ART is now inlcuded in the backdrop gallery (that photo above just used the Episode Thumbnail.)

Yes.  Buck Rogers.  Wilma Deering and Spandex were made for each other.   :wink:

Ah… nice. Yeah, that’s what the Live should have had. But I’m done with western digital, bought a Boxee Box now. Still kept the Live as a back, and check in when there is a firmware update.