What does the phrase 'Start value' mean (WD Backup users manual)?

What does this phrase (in the WD Backup user’s manual) mean?"

Start value: ~

I understand everything except what a ‘start value’ is.

Reference: Here is where the phrase ‘start value’ appears in the user manual:

Excluded Files—The WD Backup software will not backup files that have specific::black_small_square:

Attributes: reparsePoint, temporary▪

Names: \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows, [CommonApplicationData]\Western Digital, [CommonApplicationData]\Microsoft\Windows\Caches,config.msi, MSOCache, ntuser.dat, ntuser.ini, [RecycleBin], $recycle.bin, recycler,Backing Up FilesMy Passport™User Manual10
[Root]\Drivers, [Root]\Temp, System Volume Information, WDBackup.swstore, .WD Hidden Items, WD SmartWare.swstor, [Windows]:black_small_square:

Extensions: .ds_store, .temp, .tmp, .wdsync▪

Start value: ~▪

End values: desktop.ini, .dropbox, .dropbox.attr, hiberfil.sys, -journal,pagefile.sys, thumbs.db


thank you in advance, tions

Hello tions,

There are some unsupported files, name starts from ~ , not supported by WD Backup.

Hmm, that’s bad for me. All webpages saved by me to my computer are saved by Firefox, I.E., Chrome with both a file and and folder with the same name with ‘files’ put on the end of the folder name. To flag those folders from other folders I always have saved webpages with a ~ which I add in front of the file name. Such as for instance: ~WDforumbackupIdeas.html

I have uncountable number of files which I have named with the names starting with ~. Such files cannot be renamed because ‘webpage complete’ saved files cannot be renamed without corrupting them.

So in my particular case WD backup is not going to work as well as I thought it would.