What does the Netflix GUI look like?

I currently have a first gen Roku but would like something that is better at playing local network media.  I really like Roku’s Netflix interface: it quick and shows a lot of movies on the same screen, including my queue, recently played, recommendations, and various categories.   I can’t find any screen captures or videos of the WD TV Live Media Streamer’s Netflix interface.  Can someone compare the two interfaces or point me to some pictures or videos?




If you’ve seen the one on the PS3, it’s basically the same, except without shortcut buttons to access the search function, and to delete a letter in your entry.

Thanks Brad_R – is that the new model WD TV Live Media Player or the WD TV Live Plus?  I think they’re different

No, they’re all identical, as long as they’re running the latest firmware.

Both the HUB and Live+ had an older NetFlix UI on older versions of FW (can’t recall the version numbers.)

But the SMP has always had the UI that Brad provided.

Thanks, it looks fairly similar to the Roku interface

I have a Roku too and I do have to say that, compared to it, the WD Live GUI looks and works much better.  For one, the movie info on the WD SMP is displyed on the side of the screen with viewing and queue options on a white field to the left of it; a more modern and cleaner look in my opinion; on the Roku, the info is displyed on a separate screen.  Also, with the WD SMP’s Netflix interface, it tells you in the movie info section if the movie is in your queue already AND also tells you when the movie will be expiring from the Watch Instantly section (as movies often do in Netflix); I appreciate that feature, finding it very handy.