What does the N750 and N900 do specifically?

What do the N750 and N900 do specifically? I am confused about their function.

I have a WDTV Live. How would these routers make my WDTV Live better.?I have The WDTV Live connected to a home router already.

Well, first, these have nothing specifically to do with the WDTV Live players.  These are home network routers, and  acts like  any other wired/wireless router would, so I’m not sure what your are confused about since what they are is explained pretty much on the product page and being called a “router” should be farily self-expanatory.

Both the N700 & N900 have Gigabit ports to allow for faster network speeds. The N700 is a dual band wireless router that  has up to 300+450 Mbps wireless speeds and the N900 is a dual band wireless router that has up 450+450 Mbps wireless speeds.

The only difference is that there is also a N900 Central, which is a N900 with an internal HDD, so you can use it as a NAS.  The N900C also has the abiltiy to be accessed from anywhere via http/ftp or by enabling the Remote Access which uses WD2GO.

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One of our Staff members asked me to post this about the routers…

The My Net routers are far more than just a “simple” router and can benefit a WD TV user greatly over a traditional router. The My Net N600 and N750 use QoS technology (FasTrack) that allows for traffic to be prioritized using more than 20 pre-configured services, many of which are available on the WD TV products.

Advanced users can also configure custom services.

The My Net N900 and N900 Central have an advanced version of this QoS technology (FasTrack Plus) that intelligently determines the type of traffic and automatically assigns bandwidth as needed.

In both cases. depending on your ISP and total available bandwidth, this can dramatically improve performance over services such as Netflix. It should also improve gaming speeds, and speeds of services like “Skype” - even if you are downloading multiple files or torrents at the same time (it will automatically reduce the bandwidth available to the downloads to ensure your Streaming video, games, or VOIP sessions are not interrupted reducing “skipping” etc.)

The N900 also offers seven full ports which allows for additional NAS devices (over most routers 4 or 5 ports) that means you can have a much larger media library (if you have 6 My Book Live Duo 6TB drives this would give you 36 TB of available space in addition to your internal drive (WD TV Live Hub only) and USB drives. Using 12TB WD Sentinel’s instead of the Duo’s could theoretically give you a whopping 72 TB of available space + local storage.

Finally, because it’s a WD product you know that it is going to be thoroughly tested with all of our devices- this will reduce the chances that a router related issue will cause issues (a large number of issues people think are with the WD TV’s are actually router related issues).

I’d like to know if the N900 will allow Wake-On-Wan, I need to wake my PC from the internet for remote desktop access.

It either needs to allow port forwarding to the broadcast address i.e. (so I can forward the magic packet to the LAN), some firewalls don’t allow this  OR if it doesn’t allow that, does it allow the DHCP subnet mask to be set to allowing (for example) to be used as the broadcast IP? (some firewalls don’t allow anything to port forwarded to *any* broadcast address, some just block the broadcast addrest for the normal subnet setup)

I’m using the technique with my current router, and want to make sure port forwarding works for normal broadcast or the technique above before replacing my current router with a new one.

This is a good question that I would like to know the answer to.

Perhaps if you create a forum post it will get more notice.

I currently own a linksys EA4500, and with this router, and my previous one linksys E4200 V2 I had to enable port forwarding for my device to stay online consistently so I could stream media and access all my files from my iPhone or iPad on the go.  Does this router made by WD make it so you don’t have to activate port forwarding, does it stay online all the time with this router?