What does status acknowledged mean?

I’ve noticed in the forum for ideas for the wdtv live, several of the suggestions have had added “Status acknowledged” - what does that mean?

It can’t just be that they have read them, since there aren’t that many suggestions there.

Does it mean they agree there is something which should be fixed, or that it has been accepted as something which will be added in a future firmware update?

Good question! See this post for an explanation of the various statuses:

Statuses Explained on the Ideas Exchange


Ah, excellent.

So say, the suggestion to have DVD menus has been “forwarded to the product team.”

We now wait with baited breath to see if they give it “Pending” or “Unplanned” (Shouldn’t there be a “Rejected” type as well? :slight_smile: )

I think rejected would fall under “Unplanned”. :slight_smile: