What does it take to get an RMA done?

11 weeks. That’s how long it’s taken so far, and in that time I have still not received my replacement SSD.

I bought an SN550, turned out to be the one with the slow flash. Returned it under RMA, after lots of hassle it was agreed to replace it with an SN750. Drive was shipped, turned out to be the exact same drive that was returned, an SN550 with the slow flash chip. Since then I have asked for an update on a daily basis and spoken to numerous people at WD, only to be given the same pathetic excuses of “oh, it’s been escalated, we’ll make it a priority, it’ll be sent soon”, etc. Nothing but lies.

So, I’d like to ask, what does WD think is a reasonable turn-around time after first lying about their products, messing up the initial RMA, promising an upgrade, lying about the case having been escalated, and then simply ignoring me when I ask for an update? Is 11 weeks acceptable for me to be without the product I have paid for? If I go to the online shop I can purchase a drive and have it delivered within a couple of days, why do you find it so difficult to pick one from stock and send it out to me?

Anyone else had similar experience with these incompetents?


Hi @hellraiseruk,

Please contact the respective WD Support team for RMA related best assistance:

What do you think I’ve been doing the last 11 weeks? Waiting for a sign?

Words fail me…


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