What Does "Extract" actully mean?

Please Forgive my novice-ness…

 Iam trying to upgrade Frmwre (??)  and I have followed instructions… but I get to this bit…

Extract the three files (.BIN, .VER, and .FFF files) to the root (top level) of a portable USB drive.

and I dont exactly know what “Extract” means… Does it mean clk and drag?  delete?  Not sure…  I have called WDTV help line and waited 30 mins and then the guy on the phone didnt know either… Huh?

He said right click it and a menu option will offer a choice of “Extract”… I have not had that option… I get “compress, burn duplicate…”  Any ideas???  Thanks

I’m assuming you’re running Vista or Win 7.

Double-click the ZIP file.

You’ll get a window that shows the contents of the ZIP file, which should be the three files you mention.

Highlight all three, right-click, select COPY … and then paste them to wherever.

If you’re not using Vista or 7, let us know what OS you’re using so we can provide more info.

install winzip or winrar, then right click on the file, you will get an option to ‘extract to’ choose either the usb drive you’re going to use or your current location then copy and paste to the usb stick or drive