What does add to media library do?

I updated my firmware and I now get a message that I can add a folder to the media library.  I figure this may be what I’ve been hoping for which is to have a direct link to my video folder network share as opposed to seeing all the shares on my server

The problem is I keep getting this error…

“Unable to create Media Library.  The selected source is configured as Read-Only which prevents the WD TV from saving the media library”

The username used for the shares shoudl have write access.  Not sure why I would get this error.  Or do I have to have a local drive to enable this feature?

This is what I found in the SMP user manual:

" My Media Library

The benefit of selecting this option is that it shows all the aggregated content on your network attached and USB storage together in one view. However, it does take longer to scan all the storage content compared to selecting a more specific option for content retrieval.

To add additional source content to My Media Library, please do one of the following:

  • Attach USB storage to one of the USB ports on the media center and it is automatically added to media library.
  • Connect to a Windows or Linux Share (see “Network Share” on page 29). While browsing the content inside, press Option to add a share folder to the Media Library.
  • Use the Media Library Manager for Network Share (see “Media Library Manager for Network Share” on page 194), and select Add network share to media library to manually add individual share folders to the media library. A maximum of 10 shares can be added."

The Media Library needs to write and update files into the network share, so you need to give it write permission to the folder. The nice thing is, if the Media Library is turned on you can add folders from different locations and the contents will be compiled into one listing.


is your network share on a  Windows network or a Mac / Linux network? 

Mine was set up on a Windows home server on my network.  

I “thought” the directory was shared, but I had to use File manager, right click on the folder and then properties… 

then look at the “sharing tab”  and make sure that the user you are logging in with actually appears in the list people able to access the share. 

I set mine permissions initially in the home server user creation screen.  it should have been shared, but it wasn’t. 

until I set it manually, the share didn’t work. 

not sure if that is your problem… but that is what happened to me. 

hope this helps!