What do you use to auto back up?

Hello. I am new to the group so be gentle :slight_smile: I bought the MyCloud Home thinking it had a program that would run an auto backup of my computer on a schedule. However, it does not seem to do this. ( if it does please tell me how)
Do you use a separate program for creating a backup? If so what do you use?

edited: Neither Acronis nor WD will be helpful in this regard because they don’t offer anything that can automate a scheduled general backup to and from the proprietary virtual file system (KDDFS) that is on the My Cloud Home. WD Discovery has a so called ‘auto backup’ from specific folders that is a one way sync to the MCH storage and the ‘My Cloud’ app on mobile devices can also do a limited filetypes one way sync from the mobile device to the MCH storage. This was my answer to another forum question a few weeks back about a schedule backup.

User Manual: My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo (westerndigital.com)