What do these Error Codes Mean? STATCODE368 & 361

Usually I get a never-ending spinner, but I’m also getting these error codes when trying to submit an advanced RMA. Does anyone know what STACODE368 or STACODE361 mean?

don’t know.

but googling ‘WD RMA Creation failed’ there’s lots a results.

this user tried a different 2 different RMA URLs … 1st failed, 2nd was successful

You mean STATCODE301 and 358? What your screenshots show and what you typed don’t match

Where did you get that drive that says can’t create for the following asset? If it’s already a replaced hard drive they could have voided it.

STATCODE 358 that you got means you tried to submit an advanced RMA for more than $200. WD is not allowing that now, but they still charged your card $25 LOL. Their system lets you waste your time, instead of just blocking your model from getting to the checkout screen. This company is a disgrace.

Read about it 20 replies in, there.

I called WD level 2 to submit my advanced RMA for me, they submitted cases because they don’t know what’s going on

I also received a STATCODE301 today. Gotta love getting mystery error messages when submitting sensitive information(credit card in this case) to a website.

Here’s a new one: 381. Can anyone decode this?

This is incorrect. I have received this error message several times attempting RMAs well under $200.
Also, the error codes mentioned in the topic title are correct. I have received both. So, Western Digital, please decode your mysterious “STATCODES” for us.

Confirmed. Statcode358 has nothing to do with a 200 dollar limit. I received this error code while attempting an amount of $134.

Using google while trying to find out what this means, I could only find this single thread on this forum. I would like to request that WD please tell us what these error codes mean. Why are we beta testing your website for you???

STATCODE 358 means that you tried to submit an advanced RMA for more than $200.