What do I expect from future firmware

1. I (and all users, too) need ability to continue view film from previous position. Meanwile I rollback to previous firmware.

2. I need convenient way to get position by time. Current way is TERRIBLE. You can look how it realized in Samsung TV.

3. I need ability change volume via RC (not via smartphone!). We have ability to change volume, but we can`t do it. So, now I use two RC instead one - for TV and for Player.

4. I need button backspace on RC. Without this button the correcting of mictakes is terrible. I dont remember exactly, there are no @ and space, too. Id like type text as on mobile phone, i.e. with obvious and convenient way withous headache.

5.  I need normal working RSS-channels. Now I can`t use them at all - they disappear.

6. I need ability switch to audiotrack for film from external file.


Make sure to add this to the ideas board.


This way can be taken in consideration for future updates.

I`ll do it certainly.

I expect nothing already. It is 11th of June.

This player wiil stay forever just a slow buggy unconveniet black box.

I dont believe in WD more.