What do I do if I don't get a picture at all?

Hi, I updated the firmware a few months ago when I was having problems getting files to load, then all was well. But today I can’t even get a WD logo when I turn it on. It’s just a blank screen. But I do think it’s trying to send a picure, because it’s a blank screen on my tv without the “AV5” in the corner that I would get if there was no signal at all. Is my unit completely dead or is there something I can do? I’ve tried resetting it with the paperclip button, but it hasn’t helped. I’m using anHDMI cable and at the moment have unplugged everything else. I’ve heard that trying a composite cable might help, so I guess I’ll have to find one/ buy one. Could it be an HDMI “handshaking” issue? I’ve tried lots of different HDMI cables all with the same outcome.

Okay, so I’ve got a picture and it plays using AV out and the red/yellow/white cables, but the picture is no where near as good as using HDMI. When I go back to HDMI it still doesn’t work.

While you’re using the composite cable, wait until the WD is fully booted, then do a Device Reset (not a RESTART, a RESET) via the SETUP menus.

Thanks, I’ve tried doing a reset to factory settings through the menu, but nothing’s changed, it still only works using the composite cables through the AV output. I noticed that resetting doesn’t change the fact that the firmware remains the same, the most up to date one.

Resetting does not change the firmware, it just changes everything to factory defaults.

If this happened immediately following the firmware update, I’d suggest you roll back.

But since it happened months later, it’s not likely a firmware problem.

Most likely a hardware failure;  either the HDMI cable, the WD, or the input on the AV system…

Dude, you are even lucky that your device works, mine sometimes boots up and works for a few minutes then it switches off and powers off every 5 seconds :frowning: tried resetting, restoring to factory defaults etc :frowning: don’t know what to do…

So I suggest you appreciate yours even works :slight_smile: enjoy it to the fullest :slight_smile:

Haha, okay, it’s just a shame that using those cables, the picture is really quite blurry. I think I’ll just have to stick to using the HDMI out of my Macbook, the quality is actually superior to what the WD ever was anyway, it’s just not as neat. And vlc player has lip sync controls if you need it, unlike WD.