What do I buy to ensure remote backups? Two My Cloud ex2/4s or one My Cloud and one My Cloud ex2/4?

Several months ago, I stumbled across WD My Cloud devices.  I originally bought two My CLoud devices.  I installed one at the office and one at my home with the plans that everything would run off the office device and then would backup to the home device.  After trying to set that up, I learned that I could not do the remote backup with just the two My Cloud devices.  So, I bought a USB and have been doing backups locally deciding that at least some backup was better than nothing.

Fast forward to last week when my husband’s laptop crashed and we lost some business critical data on his hard drive that we had not yet moved to the cloud.  I already know how stupid it was so feel free to move past that.  Obviously our storage solution implementation hadn’t moved fast enough.  What it did do is force us to re-evaluate backup and recovery options.

I think we’re aligned that we need at least one My Cloud ex2 or ex4.  They  would offer use the RAID functionality we’ve been missing.  I understand they both also offer remote backup options.  Because of the data sensitivity and ongoing cost involved, we also don’t want to use an online backup system.

Can use our existing My Cloud device as the remote backup device or do we need two MyCloud ex2/ex4s to complete remote backups?  If we need two, can the second device (used only for backup) be configured with a single drive since it’s only acting as a backup and doesn’t need RAID?

Any advice on the ex2 versus ex4?  I expect we only need 1 TB of data so I’m thinking the 4TB ex2 is fine with RAID 1.

If I do need two ex2/4 devices, can I use the drive out of my existing My Cloud an plug it into an ex2/4 chassis?

Obviously, I’m new to this.  Any advice will be greatly appreciated


If you get the EX2, you will be able to create a remote backup to another EX2 or an EX4.

Please see the WD EX2 User manual on page 70 regarding Remote backups.


Please see the WD EX4 User manual on page 55 regarding Remote backups.