What characters / lengths of filename work with MBL?

Dear all

Just installed MBL 3Mb on my Mac network and want to store my iTunes and iPhoto library so I can share it across 3 Macs, iPad and my Panasonic home theatre system, which talks DLNA.

But when I try to drag the files across to the relevant MBL folders, the copy starts, then fails, with an error message “bad character”.

My iTunes library has 750Mb of classical music:

  • some of the playlists / tracks have French or German accents or special characters
  • some of the names are very long, for example “Concerto RV249 in d minor - I Adagio” which are over 32 characters

Are either or both of these forbidden by the MBL filesystem?

Is there a better way to load the files than drag copy? For instance an app such as ChronoSync which backs up and syncs various Macs and drives. 


Ken in London

Hello and welcome, 

Have you tried to change the name of one of the files that gives you the error? 

Thanks, Ichigo

The problem is that my iTunes library is 95% classical music, and many of the individual “songs” are, for example individual movements or sections from complete works which are difficult to edit. For example:

Laudate pueri RV600 -04 Excelsus super omnes

  • The work is “Laudate pueri” - need that, because this is a compilation
  • The catalogue number is “RV600” - need that, because Mr V wrote two or three settings of “Laudate pueri”, and this is the only way to tell them apart
  • The movement, or part, is -04 - need that, because some versions of “Laudate pueri” split it into several different section
  • And finally, the section (= song in iTunes language) is “Excelsus super omnes” which obviously is needed.

So I have a filename of 45 characters, plus the file type is .aiff which makes 50 in total.

I can shave that to about 47 or 48 at the risk of being harder to understand, but that’s as good as it gets.

And also I have four different versions of this work by four different performers.

All of this is not just easy listening. Lots of it is music that I am singing in concerts. Some of it is music which I am reviewing for publication, teaching or studying. So it’s quite hard to simplify.

Meanwhile, I am using Chronosync to sync my existing iTunes folders on a local hard drive with a newly created iTunes folder on the MyBook Live. The advantage of this is that it shows errors, gives me the option to skip them, and reports them afterwards. So far it has copied about 460Gb over to the MyBook Live with only about 20 errors. So I am hoping that I can pick them up later and work out how to resolve them. Only another 2.5 hours to go - the total time will be about 9 hours (and that’s on a Gigabit network with Cat6 cabling!)

I will report on the errors tomorrow whether or not I can resolve them.

Thanks again for your help


Hi wkenneth, I recommended to change the name just as troubleshooting. That way you can narrow down what is causing the problem.