What caused the outage?

So I was just curious if anyone actually got a reason for what caused WD’s systems to crash and cause this massive outage. I have been watching the forums and there’s really been no reason as to why this occurred given by a contributor or a moderator.  

Are you talking about the “500 - Internal Server Error”? Because I think this happens when the CPU is overloaded…

Reason I think this is because my NAS atm is updating my Media Server (since 2 days) and before this I was busy on my NAS all the time while I tried this. Since the updating of the media server takes full CPU capacity (for me) I assume that my actions while being busy with my NAS (and in it’s CP) that this is what made it crash.

Or it might be the WD 2 Go outage that he was talking about?


The major outage that has been on going for the last week or so