What can influence the performance of the WD Livewire

I recently purchased the Livewire and plugged it in. On one side I don’t have much choice of receptacles, but the other side I do. I tried my first choice and received speed of around 50Mbit (according to the WD Livewire software). I then moved one of the Hubs to another receptacle and got up to 101Mbit. Seems like that was as good as it’s going to get. 24 hours went by and I did not change the receptacle that either of the hubs were plugged into. I did however reposition the one of the hubs I moved 24 hours ago to beside a network Gbit switch. I now get speeds from 60Mbit to 80Mbit. It dropped to as low as 50Mbit as well. Can other devices influence the speed you can obtain? What can cause this speed difference if you don’t change plugs? 50Mbit seems like a hugs jump! In my case, it’s a 100% change.

Yes, it’s all dependent on the quality of the signal across the electrical lines.

If you have loads on those circuits that are noisy (like switching power supplies or something) it can affect performance.

And since your load center has a lot of shared components, it’s possible that ANYTHING in your house can have an effect…

Thanks for the reply.  It’s odd how the rate changes…I have nothing happening in my house…and I’m watching the rate in Mbits change from 50 to 60 to 50 to 60 then to 74…and is sitting here for about 30 minutes. It just hit 78Mbit. 

Could the unit be self optimizing it’s link?  Some kind of automatic ajustment?

Yes, that’s what it does…

Can mobile phone charger influence the performance?

how do measure quality of signal across the electrical lines?

Hi Zero-One,

Several electrical equipments can influence the performance of WD livewire (powerline adapters - PLCs).  Mobile phone charger is one of the device that can influence the performance (degrade the transfer rate of the PLC), Besides this device other devices like the air-cons, vacuum cleaner, hair drier, laptop charger, light dimmer, power drill can also reduce the transfer rate (throughput) of the WD Livewire. To track this performance, WD Livewire does have a utility CD that you can install in your pc or laptop to track or monitor the throughput of WD Livewire performance. 

Hope this answer your question Zero-One