What cables can I use to power USB passport


I have 2 old passport HDD, both have MINI USB outputs.

One of the cables is broken and I have been trying to geta new one sent. Unfortunatly they dident work, the disk only blinks and clicks. Iv understood this often hapends with to long cables, and have read that you have to have maximum 18inches(or 22inches for pre 2007 HDD).

But im wondering, can I use any USB cable shorter than that, or do I need special cables.

For examples these cables 12cm, 20cm, 25cm:





You can purchase that through WD… that way you are making sure that they send you the correct one…

Hello Ragdexx.

I understand that, and Iv actualy been in contact with WD since midle of November. They have sent me 2 cables free, but both where far longer then the one I had and neither work.

So in addition to waiting for that, Id like to get some cheap spare cables :slight_smile:

I have now recieved a cable, and I can confirm that the longest of them(20cm) works great:

(The shorter one did not work)

Costs 99cent inclusive shipping, so its a great buy or spare for all passport owners.