What backup programs are compatible with OS5 mobile app?

The iPhone OS5 mobile app will not show my work share. WD says it is because that share is backed up using WD SmartWare. If you believe them, their own software isn’t compatible with their software…

If that is true, what backup software should I be using such that when I open the share on my iPhone, I can actually see the contents.

Thanks in advance.

I tried Acronis True Image but it appears to create an encrypted file (.tib). Is there a way to have Acronis put the actual files in the Share so I can see them with the iPhone OS5 app? The good news is I can see the .tib files, just can’t do anything with them. SmartWare doesn’t even do that. Just says nothing in the share.

Hi @Stealth57,

Please refer to the article My Cloud OS 5: Mobile App Auto Backups:

I’m not trying to back up from iOS. I am trying to see the contents of Shares that reside on my EX2100. The mobile OS5 app is a disaster. Everything that worked in OS3 no longer works. WD says you can’t use SmartWare to back up files from my laptop to the EX2100 and then view them with the OS5 iPhone app. It just says nothing is there. I tried the Acronis for WD and it stores the files in one big file with a .tib extension. That does me no good.

What I need is something that backs up files on my Dell Windows 10 laptop and puts them in the Share on the EX2100 and allows me to see all those files in that Share using the OS5 iPhone app.

Hi @Stealth57,

For more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting: