What are the Types of Artificial Intelligence?

Based on the ability of AI to think and feel like humans, AI is classified into four categories.

1. Reactive Machines

These AI-based systems have the limited capability that uses the human mind

to respond in different situations. These systems lack memory storage

functionality, thus they can learn from experiences.

2. Limited Memory

These machines can store memory and can learn from previous experiences.

These systems are given a huge amount of data for processing through which

they can learn for solving complex problems. Chatbots, virtual assistants

and self-driving cars are applications of limited memory AI.

3. Theory of Mind

Theory of mind AI is used for high-tech innovation by researchers. It

analyses human emotions, needs, thought processes and beliefs. Currently,

we do not have its practical applications, but they are in the process of


4. Self Aware

Self-aware AI exists only hypothetically, it can think like the human brain

even though it has its own desires. Its development is underway and can

take decades.