What are the technical differences between mybook white light and blue ring?

hi !

i just receveid my new external hard drive mybook world edition of 750GB.

i sent back before (cause i use my waranty, rma…etc) a  blue ring version of the external drive and WD sent me a white light in exchange.

so, is there any differences  between mybook white light and blue ring ?

does the sofware is the same ? can i still use the same Cd-rom, drivers ? cause there wasn’t any sofware in the box.

thanks for your reply.

The White Light is the upgraded version of the drive you had. 

Difference are: 

  1. Blue Rings is Windows only- White Light Mac and Windows
  2. Blue Rings works connected to the router- White Light works with router and connected to the pc/mac direct
  3. Software for backup and remote connection is the same.
  4. Network Administrator is different

If you need to download the applications for your replacement drive just go to our web, register drive if you haven’t and

download the software from the restricted downloads.

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