What are the differences between 1TB essential and 1TB Elite?


I am about to buy one of these but can’t track down the pros and cons of each. I’d value some advice.



Don’t know the difference re: your question.

I am the the owner of a "MY Book Essential " 750GB external HD…I bought it based on the reputation of WD.

However, after a month of nothing but problems with it and the inability of WD support people to fix them, I would not buy a WD External HD…just my opinion though as I have nothing but problems such as:

1- can’t download latest firmware and smartware releases;

2- The hard drive quit updating and I have no idea how to fix the problem.

These kind of products should be simple to use and you should not have to have a computer science degree specializing in PC products to figure problems out.

WD support on a scale to 1 to 10, is a “2” at best.

If I were to start all over, would try another product such a Seagate after one does “due diligence” on its ease of use and durability.

Good luck and hope you have a problem free experience.