What are the 3 Core Dimensions of Java Virtual Machine?

Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is a program that is basically an execution place for Java applications. JVM acts like a versatile machine that processes the interpretation of the bytecodes that are compiled from the Java Source Code, by converting it into machines language. JVM is a part of the Java Run Environment (JRE).

Normally, for other programming languages, the compiler would produce the machine code for that particular system. Whereas, a Java compiler produces code for a Java Machine which is known as Java Virtual Machine.

Here I am sharing with you the 3 core Dimensions of Java Virtual Machine

  • JVM Specification
  • JVM the virtual machine
  • JVM Implementations

One of my friend who is working in GlobalVox Inc writes about " what is JVM and what are the 3 Core Dimensions of Java Virtual Machine". Here I am sharing the link If you want to read an in-detail article about JVM. Hope this information works for you.

The three parts of the JVM that you need to understand are – Specification, implementation, and instance.