What are my write speeds limited by?

Hi folks, very newb question I think…

When I write files to MBL from my PC I’m getting speeds of about 11MB/s. 

What exactly limits this? and can I do anything to get it faster?


11 MB/second sounds suspiciously like something in the path is connected at only 100Mbit/sec ethernet (not Gigabit) or using WiFi.

I’ve got MBL plugged into router and router plugged into PC. All cable.

Can it be the cable I’m using? Or would it be some setting in the router?

Or something else maybe?

So MBL can connect with Gigabit? Is that about 112MB/sec? 10x faster?


HalloweenJack wrote:

So MBL can connect with Gigabit? Is that about 112MB/sec? 10x faster?

In theory, yes, but in practice, no…  It would be probably 4-5x faster depending on your PC’s horsepower…

Your cable won’t have much to do with anything…  but if your router isn’t Gig-E on all the ports, then that’s the issue.

Ok ill check router when I get I chance.

If it is Gigabit (I think it is) is there anything else I could try?

After googling I thought maybe it was cables. Isn’t that the difference between cat 5 and cat 5e? And the actual cables are different?

Even cat 3 cables will do gig over short distances like these… Cat 5 and cat 5e both are fine for gig out to 100 meters.

Oh right,  good to know.

Just read a review on my router Huawei HG533 and it sounds like all the ports are only 100Mbps as you suggested.

So I guess that’s the problem.

So if I got a decent router things should improve?

Any suggestions? As well as speeed, if one there’s one that can cover a good distance it might help the connection downstairs too.


You don’t need to replace your router.

You can buy a Gigabit Ethernet switch and connect all of your devices to it, and then connect it to your router.

I see how that would improve speeds between the PC and MBL.

But there is also a laptop downstairs and various mobile devices which connect via WiFi.

Going from MBL to the laptop will still be limited by the 100Mbps port. But will that be less than I can expect to get from the WiFi signal 802.11n anyway? 

I don’t know I’m a bit confused… If I describe my setup and the problems I’m having, maybe if you have time you could cast an eye over it:

Fibre broadband up tom 38Mbps

Huawei HG533 with 802.11n with one gigabit for the fibre and 4 100Mbps ports for other devices.

Got a MBL and a Desktop PC cabled to the router.

And a brand new MSI GS70 Stealthwith 802.11b/g/n/ac

Currenly copying files from the MBL or my desktop’s hard drive to the Laptop are going at about 4MBps.

As I said before copying from MBL to the desktop hdd is about 11MBps.

Any tips on improving this would be hugely appreciated.


Hi again.

I’ve changed things round and now have gigabit connection fro MBL to router to PC.

Testing speeds on a movie file i can copy from MBL to pc at about 60MBps and copy to MBL at about 32MBps. Does that sound right?

What speeds are other people getting?

It all depends on multiple factors. Every network is different. I would say those values sound right.


And wifi…


Ok thanks for letting me know.