What are my options to access RAID 5 disks in the event of a chassis failure?

Just planning for the future, but I was wondering what my options were.

Would I be able to take 3 of the 4 drives and “wack” them into a desktop PC that supported RAID 5 and have it recognise them as belonging to an array / container? I’m guessing that I would have better luck with an Intel RAID contoller with the same (or close) driver version.

Has anyone tried it and how successful were they?

No ones answer will be treated as absolute or binding. :smiley:

In theory I agree.  If you had another PC with the Intel Raid and drivers etc why not.  Though I have not heard of anyone who actually did it.  You should have some kind of warrenty on the box?

You should poke around Ebay.  Sometimes you can find an empty box cheap. That would be the ticket :slight_smile: