What are Moviesheets!

Ok, so, since there seems to be some confusion as to what is a Moviesheet and what is not, I thought that I would post this so as to clear things up.

So, what is a Moviesheet?  Well, a Moviesheet can be a lot of things.

It can be somehting like this


Or this:

TRUE GRIT.mkv_sheet2.jpg

Or even this:

GNOMEO & JULIET_sheet2.jpg

And even this:

21. CASINO ROYALE_list.jpg

Basically anything can be a Moviesheet and it’s not really what it looks like that makes it a Moviesheet, but how it’s used.  If it takes up a large portion of the screen and is used as a background image, then it is a Moviesheet.

Interesting. I’d always assumed a movie sheet had to contain at least some information about the film it’s associated with.

My definition would have been: a static background image created using metadata and imagery from the film it represents.

Well, no.  A Moviesheet does not have to contain metadata, since at least with players that will display Moviesheets natively they can use Moviesheets for folders (Genre folders to be specific) which would contain no metadata.

A Moviesheet could also be just metadata information with no movie imagery (although any imagery by nature would be static).   What the Moviesheet looks like is determined by its designer.

But as I said, it is not what the Moviesheet looks like that makes it a Moviesheet, but in how it is implemented.

Very good explanation TW…

As you said its how you use the moviesheet that counts not what it looks like…

Whilst most people would include movie info in the moviesheet, by no means is it a requirement.

The job of the moviesheet is basically to make your experience browsing your library a lot more nicer, by adding the extra graphics you get from the image in your moviesheet.