What are micro apps and how are they beneficial for businesses in 2018?

While reviewing how the majority of app development experts explain micro apps, it can be easily said that these are the micro versions of huge mobile apps that consume a lot of extra hardware and software resources. According to most of the market research reports, micro apps have significantly resulted in rapidly retaining lost mobile app users for a number of mobile app providers.
Dissimilar to the traditional mobile apps, micro apps consumes minimal amount of data storage and processing resources from the mobile device. Moreover, an expert team form a famous mobile application development company in Virginia added that the level of time and resources efficiency attained by micro apps is truly unbelievable which as become the most important value proposition for the end users. Now mobile app developers have started observing considerable interest by their clients and the number of micro apps is rapidly increasing day by day.

I am not sure if micro apps were that popular in 2018 but in year 2019 micro apps are getting popular as I work with mobile app development company in Dubai I have seen user interest in micro apps rather general apps. People access businesses through their phones first. It’d the first thing they get to when checking emails, doing business transactions, shopping online or visiting a business’s store so I see the reason going into micro app development.

The main purpose of a mobile app has always been to deliver users a better, faster, and easier experience on mobile devices, which they won’t have to browse websites, desktop apps or online services for.

However, to stay on top of the competition, app development companies today instead of providing users with a to-the-point solution seek to develop an all-rounder app full of features that they actually don’t want or need. Being loaded with several unnecessary features and functionalities, such a mobile app presents a number of challenges that can only be addressed through a Micro App.

Benefits of Micro apps:

  1. Compressed and Highly Customized
  2. No Need to Comply With App Stores
  3. Deliver Simplest Form of User Experience
  4. Address Many Technical Issues
  5. Deployed Across All Devices
  6. Independent of Other Apps
  7. Save Time, Money, and Resources

A Micro App is built using HTML, so that users can complete a speficic functionly quicky. A micro app is small in size and is developed to provide specific functionality unlike a conventional mobile application where there are a maze of functions. A micro app is the minimized version of the original full-sized app that has limited functionalities.

The advantages for business with micro apps are they are 1) compressed and highly customized 2) No Need to Comply With App Stores 3) Deliver Simplest Form of User Experience 4) Address Many Technical Issues 5) Save Time, Money, and Resources 6) Deployed Across All Devices 7) Independent of Other Apps. Given that, there are plenty of mobile app ideas to choose from. I hope I’ve answered your question.

Micro App is designed to perform like a fully coded application.
Example- Facebook messenger
Benefits of Micro Apps:-

  1. Simplest form of user experience
  2. Micro apps are compressed and customized
  3. Saves time and money