What a waste MY Cloud HOME - Disappointed and going to uninstall

Does a backup of some files, then stops. Tried it twice with unsyncing and then syncing folder again (folder is My Documents). WIN10 Pro, Trend Micro Security, Dell XPS-15 8 gig ram 500 gig solid state.

@RickWN Destop Sync is not a backup but a sync of content between the client computer and the My Cloud Home. Chances are “Trend Micro Security” has a setting similar to other products and may see the network traffic as a threat or DDOS attack because it’s a “Network Mounted Drive” and not a “Network Mounted Share”

Thanks. I used the words back up vs sync, because once it is sync’d, those files are still there when they are unsync’d. In either case, its just wording.

In Trend Micro, I made the My Could Home folder a trusted exception, and the My Cloud application a trusted exception.

Rebooted Router & My Cloud Home and then connect My Cloud Home directly to the router vs thru a (

NETGEAR - 8-Port 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit Unmanaged Switch)

. All appears fine now.

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