I just bought a WD WEWDBVHT0080 and planned on setting it to Raid 1 an having it mirror for a total usable storage of 4 TB. What I want to know is. If I buy another WD WEWDBVHT0080, is it possible to use the two together so that I can mirror 1 unit to the other so as to be able to realize a usable 8 TB system. and if so, how do I marry them together? due I use the 2.0 USB and then finish with the provided software? or what?

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The forum for the My Book Live Duo (WDBVHT0080) is here:


But the answer to your question might be YES, depending on what you mean by Mirroring.

The WD My Book Live Duo can “Safepoint” itself over to another NAS.   The user manual has instructions on how that’s done.

What I mean by mirror is that, as is the case with the setting of Raid 1. one unit would be identical to the other so if I lost a drive, or a unit, I would not have lost the info because an exact copy would be available. Currently 1 unit is 8 TB and when set to Raid 1 I have only 4 TB of usable storage. I want to us 2  8 TB units together so when set to raid 1 I will have 8 TB of usable storage, but still have the comfort that it is safe incase of failure of any given unti or drive.

No, it can’t do that.

Some NASes (not any WD that I know of) support what’s called RTRR (Real-time Remote Replication) which is sort of like what you want, but still not RAID.