Western Digital's poor standard of packaging on new items

Ordered my new 5TB my Passport from the Western Digital website. Came from a place in the Netherlands and was shipped using UPS.

The package arrived in a flimsy cardboard box with one bit of double sided large bubble wrap draped over the product box. The bottom of the box had no protection from impacts or shocks and the product box was able to slide up and down the box freely. This is no where near acceptable. Amazon package packs of pens better than this and this was a fragile external hard drive that cost over £100.

Having seen Western Digitals policy on how customers have to return their items and the stringent packaging standards, how can how they’ve sent my new item out be OK? It’s not an isolated case either. The HotUKDeals website is full of complaints about how items are arriving to the UK from this Netherlands Western Digital store in such a manner.

I’ve Submitted a complaint using the support email a few days ago. Not holding my breath on the chances of it being replied to as it stands and would be nice to get a reply on here, acknowledgement of the issue and for steps to be taken to stop this practice happening.

Yup. I also ordered one of these drives (a 4TB My Passport) after seeing the offer on HotUKDeals. Mine also came in the same flimsy cardboard box that was mentioned above. As soon as I picked the parcel off the floor (where it was left by the delivery driver) I felt the bottom of the box almost cave in. The cardboard was very thin and didn’t provide a lot of protection at all - I was surprised to see there was no visible damage when it arrived…

Inside the box there were just 2 air-filled bags, one at the side and another one on top. Zero protection at the other side and at the base of the parcel, where it would obviously be most needed. Considering this is an expensive and considerably large capacity external hard drive that will hold a significant amount of data, I would have expected the packaging to be A LOT better than this.

I believe it’s likely that the parcel probably endured a lot of forces and vibrations throughout the delivery process as it had to come all the way from the Netherlands (which would mean coming on an airplane) and of course being carried in multiple delivery vehicles.

I don’t feel particularly confident in storing sensitive data on the drive knowing that it could potentially have been damaged during transport. The standard of packaging is totally unacceptable.