Western Digital wont recognize and light is flashing

I had my external hardrive plugged in while it was in my back pack and when i pulled it out the usb connection was bent and wasnt ejected the proper way. Now the light is blinking and wont recognize even in disk utility… I am really upset because right before this happened i put my 40 gb of music and 60 gb of pictures and 120gb of gopro videos on to it and only it… Please help me out. Im panacing! 

You provably need to contact a data recovery company if you need to recover your files, you can also try to get someone to fix the broken USB port, but contact WD support first. 



I have problem to recognize files from External hard disc (My passport Essential SE 1TB) thru’ Laptop - Windows 8. while connecting with Laptop or Smart TV, Light is blinking. Even I tried with other laptops, still I am not able to see the files. please do the needful. I tried thru toll free number 1800 200 5789, but it is busy for a long time.