Western Digital wd2500jb not detected

Hi I just got a new 250 GB western digital wd2500jb hard drive. The one I currently have is 40 GB. I figured power would be an issue so I upgraded the PSU. The hard drive will work as a slave drive when I place it in a hard drive enclosure, I was able to copy files onto it. When I plug it into my computer as the master drive I always get a message saying no hard drive found. I have formatted it and tried it on several computers in an attempt to load windows onto it but I still get the same message. On one computer in began the windows set up and at the point the computer restarts I got the same no hard drive found message. The Bios is not detecting the hard drive. It detects the smaller hard drive every time. I attempted several other IDE cables and PSU plugs to be sure but it made no difference. I changed the boot sequence to load CD first but since hard drive isn’t detected made no difference in windows setup. My motherboard is an IBM Netvista 8307ufq. According to the manual it is a PATA hard drive, would that make a difference since in since my mother board is IDE?

Hi dude!!! PATA and IDE Or EIDE) is the same, so it should not be an issue… Hoever, the age of the MotherBoard itself may be.

If the drive is not seen on the BIOS, that’s the first sign that there’s something that is just not working, so it’s either the drive or incompatibility or a missing setting, to test the drive you could try WD’s DLG.

On the other hand, you need a clean Windows installation disc and the version is important to partition the drive, if it is the orginal XP then you won’t be able to partition the drive/format it above 137GB, and even if it is not, if your MoBo is unable to work with 250GB, then you could try a BIOS update or a controller card.

Hope it helps!!