Western Digital WD Livelier Powering VA Network Kit with 2 wifi router

Western Digital WD Livewire Powerline AV Network Kit

Does anyone know if this setup would work? Thanks in advance,

[room 1]

Adapter-A connect to Cable modem (internet ), connect to a wifi router-A, and wall outlet

[room 2] I

Adapter-B connected to another wall outlet, connect another wireless router-B, and wall outlet

Essentially I would like to setup the internet modem in room 1 and my wireless router in both room 1 and room 2, thus having 2 separate wifi network,

Just tested the setup as described above;

this setup does not work, however if the network is set up as described in the user manual, the Poweline AV network kit can work with 2 wifi routers with separate wifi network ( the second wifi router might need a diff IP address),

[ room 1]

Cable modem (internet source ) connect to a wifi router-A, then connect to adapter-A, then wall eletrical outlet


[room 2] I

adapter-B connected to another wall eletrical outlet, then connect to wireless router-B (might need to change the IP address, for example, 

Result, two separate wifi networks in room 1 and room 2, sharing one internet modem (source) 


The WD Livewire should work properly with the setup you have described.

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