Western Digital TV Live Streaming Media Player

Dear Forum Members

I plan to buy, within the next month or two, a Western Digital TV Live Streaming Media Player because I want to stream my videos, saved on my Netgear ReadyNAS Duo V2, to my living room TV.  However, I have been reading that some people can play YouTube (.flv) videos and cannot play Adobe Flash Videos (also .flv), this has me confused.

Now, as far as I understand it, and from the flv updates I have seen, it is all set to the Adobe standard, also the BBC iplayer, which I understand can also be played on the Media Player, will not normally work without the Adobe Flash Player being installed on your PC.

All this is leading me to the inevitable question, will the latest media player play .flv videos?  

UK Bob

This should not be a deal maker or breaker, no matter what is said here.; too many reasons to get the player besides this issue.  

I checked the manual for my Live Plus (not latest model) and it says the WDTV will play FLV files with the H.264 Codec.  I have various flv files from YouTube and some that I have made, and the WD plays 'em.

It plays flv under specific coding standards. Mostly that it has to contain h.264 encoded video (aka AVC). In other words, FLV is supported CONTAINER, but as a CODEC is NOT supported.

Hi Mike & Tony

Thanks for your replies and, please note, you have both gone some way to clear up this .flv fog that seems to swirl around the WD media player.

I guess that if YouTube videos can be played on this media player then I really have nothing to worry about.

Cheers guys.

UK Bob