Western Digital TV Live Hub Media Center - AAC audio format

I am not able to get audio on AAC format files. All audio format on Audio output is selected  on my WD media center. I have Yamaha HTR 7063 receiver. I get video but no audio.

Any help.


Yamaha HTR 7063:


• 7-channel 665W powerful surround sound (95W x 7)
• HD Audio format decoding:: Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio
• Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD High Resolution Audio
• Burr-Brown 192 kHz/24-bit DACs for all channels
• Pure Direct for HD audio and video enjoyment
• Discrete amp configuration
• Dialogue Lift
• Low jitter PLL circuitry
• Virtual Presence Speaker function for CINEMA DSP 3D surround without Front Presence Speakers
• Compressed Music Enhancer with CINEMA DSP
• Assignable amplifiers for bi-amp connection
• HD Audio decoding with CINEMA DSP 3D (17 DSP programmes)
• Adaptive DRC (Dynamic Range Control) with Adaptive DSP Level
• Audio Delay for adjusting Lip-Sync (0-240ms)
• Intelligent Assignable amplifiers for bi-amp or Surround Back - Front Presence or Zone 2 connection
• Audio input assign capability for HDMI and component video input

The Yamaha never says it would decode AAC.  You should probably have left your discs as AC3/DTS when you were ripping them, and not converted the audio to AAC in the first place.

In any case, of course it’s ouputting nothing if you’re sending it an AAC signal.


I thought that an update to the Live Hub had it outputting AAC as stereo LPCM if the amp reported that it doesn’t speak AAC when AAC was bitstreamed to it.  It sounds like either you need to update your Hub firmware, or your Yamaha isn’t saying “no comprendo” to the WDTV when it gets the bitstream.  I don’t have any AAC files myself… I’m just going by what WD and others have reported.