Western Digital support is the most terrible I have ever experienced

I have been attempting to update my email address for 6 months now.  Western Digital keeps running me in circles.  I wanted to register 7 new internal hard drives I purchased along with a new email address - They cannot get it together.  I have reached out to them countless times - i have spent well over 8 hours of my own personal time talking with agents, rehashing my experience, being upgraded to level 2 support, then management … they cannot get this right.

All they ever do is get it completely wrong.  The latest - they sent me signin resets - to my proper new email address - but my email address in the form is listed as my old email address … the very reason I began trying to change my login information half a year ago.  So now, the WD support team has returned me back to the very beginning - the wrong email address.  Plus, I attempted to change my password for the WD Customer Portal and it did not work.  So once again, I have no - zero - access to my information.  I was able to change my Community Sign in, albeit, having to use a new User name because my original User name is taken (by me) - though I cannot sign into it because they changed the password.

I am stunned at Western Digital’s complete incompetence.  One would think that being a hard drive company, that WD would be able to do something as simple as help a customer register his new WD products.  Unbelievable.  So, when I need to purchase more drives, I am most definitely going to look elsewhere.

One of the most ridiculous experiences I have ever had.

6 months is a very unusual time frame, so I decided to forward your case to the appropriate Support Teams for an investigation related to the time frame and response. I’m sorry you had to go through this but this is not common.

You are very likely to be contacted soon.


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