Western Digital SSD Dashboard does not see a disk

good evening
I noticed that the disk loading indicator on the case stopped blinking, checked the cable in place, the diode should be fixed, the case was new, went into the Western Digital SSD Dashboard proprietary utility, the drive wasn’t detected, I updated the problem to the latest version, I previously monitored all the info from this utility and everything worked, in the ssd manager it is defined as before WDS500G2B0A, ssd system, Windows and the rest by. they seem to work properly, I don’t know exactly when and how it started, but a week ago the indicator blinked and the Western Digital SSD Dashboard disc detected

I apologize for my language

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I had the same problem, i even rolled back to an older version ( and it didn’t work anymore either. I noticed that windows was giving me protected folder warnings and on a hunch turned off Ransomware Protection in Windows Security and the software started working again.

Here’s a screenshot of the setting i turned off:

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It helped, thanks a lot bro!