Western Digital PCIe USB 3.0 card very slow


Last week I purchased 2 Western Digital PCIe USB 3.0 cards.  P/N WDBFNJ0000NNC-WASN for my HP Z600 workstations running Windows Server 2008 r2 w/ sp1.

I installed the driver from the CD and then shut down and installed the card in a PCIe x8 slot (also tried an x16 slot with identical results).  After turning the machine back on everthing came up and it detects my USB 2.0 and 3.0 flash drives no problem.  Unfortunately when copying data it fluctuates between 800KB and 1.2MB/s.  When I use these drives on my macbook pro with USB 3 ports I get between 50 and 80MB/s.  When I use the Z600 USB 2.0 ports I get 4-6MB/s.  The USB 3.0 ports seem to be running at USB 1.1 speed.

The drivers installed are from NEC,, 11/20/2009.  I assume I’m going to need newer drivers, but I can’t seem to find drivers for this card on your site or anywhere else.  I’ve heard suggestions to use Renesas drivers, but have been unable to find those either.

Please advise where I can find updated drivers for this card.



Please check your private messages.

Im having similar issues, my USB card is lacking drivers and I cannot find them on this site.

Do you know where I can locate them?

Windows 2008 Server 64 bit

Hey  Mattius604,

Last time the drivers were updated was on 2010.

In the event you do not have those drivers feel free to download them from the link bellow.

WD PCIe xHCI host controller driver