Western digital passport problem

Good morning western digital community 

Just a small question about a really big problem and I wondered if anyone could help me out .

I currently have a western digital passport wd3200bmvu-11a04s0  I bought this drive a couple of years ago and had some problems with it , it was so frustrating that it’s been hidden away ever since.

Unfortunately it has a lot of stuff on it as you would expect and i want to get it off.

When I plug this drive in the power light comes on , that’s about it , there is no windows detection of the drive not even in the disc management section . It is not making any ‘clicking sound’ others have reported about this drive either.

I have run the quick and full western digital tests and both result in the drive being fine which I really don’t understand. The warranty has truly expired so I have opened it up to see if I can find a ATA cable and remove it that way but I can’t find a cable that will  connect to this does anyone have any ideas ?? (picture attached )

Also one more point as the hard drive is connected and tests are running etc it seems to get a little bit warm , also I’m not sure but I remember i used to hear a fan whirling away ,could this be the problem ?   


Drive you showing is not a **wd1600aajs-75m0a0

- is most likely a single platter single headed Caviar Blue 3.5" drive

passport drive you showing is a second phase of passports, that already had implemented the use of propitiatory USB connection. Good news for you is that this drive most likely has no encryption. If you convert it to sata by either hardwire or compatible PCB with sata interface with rom swap - you should be able to work with this drive just like a regular SATA drive and see your files if you have the tools/utilities to do that.

I think I took some pics when I hardwired it. I will look for them tomorrow


thanks for getting back to me , yes your right i dont know where i came up with that model number from . this one is wd3200bmvu-11a04s0 now i have now double checked.

yes please do anything that will help really