Western Digital MyBook Blue Ring enclosure failure, but drive is good how do I get data?

The Blue ring stopped turning on one day and I feared my data was gone, but I removed the drive from the enclosure and hooked it up to my computer and the drive spins up and shows in Windows.  But since it isn’t NTFS I can’t read the data on the drive, I booted off of Ubuntu and could see that it was RAID in Linux but also unable to mount the drive and read the files on it.  What program do I need to use in order to read the files and get the data off of it?  The enclosure is toast and won’t power the drive enough to allow file transfers.  Thanks.

I used the Ubuntu 10.04 LiveCD installation.  I had mine mirrored so I got a two sata docking station connecting to the pc via USB.  It was only after UPDATING the Ubuntu OS, it mounted and gave me access to the drive.  Problem I’m facing now is that I can only view the PUBLIC Folder.  Other folders are locked at the moment.  Can anyone point how to go about accessing those folders?  all folders had at least read-only permission.  Shouldn’t it have allowed me to copy the data off of it?

i fear i will be looking into this solution soon as my blue light stopped working and hard drive not connecting to network

You should be able to mount the RAID partition using command “mount -t ext3 /dev/sdb4 /mnt”   sdb may not be the same on your machine…so whatever the partition is…use that

Also…If you use the Ubuntu Live CD  simply change to superuser by typing in the command “su”  it will prompt you for a password…if you don’t know the password change it by typing “passwd su”

Once you are superuser then you should be able to access all your folders.

Good luck!!