Western Digital MyBook 3TB WD SmartWare Pro Activation Code

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I have purchased a brand new Western Digital MyBook 3TB USB 3.0 (sealed in box). But there where no any activation code for WD SmartWare Pro as by default the WD Apps Setup installs ordinary WD SmartWare maybe activation code is the serial number of HDD? As in WD SmartWare there is a tab activation (upgrade to WD SmartWare Pro) which asks to enter activation code for upgrade. And the second question is there same feature(plan) as in Seagate Dashboard to make “snapshoot” backup which is not cyclic (backups only one time) so I can  manage between different plans on my Western Digital MyBook 3TB (Currently I want to make one “snapshoot” copy, 2nd hourly scheduled backup). Is it possible to make backups but if files on laptop HDD was removed it wouldn’t be erased on backup copy(backup occures only if original file was changed, or new files created)? Also is it possible to use Western Digital MyBook 3TB on 2 laptops (laptops have different Windows 7 Account names) so that all backup would be divided on 2 folders (For example folder1 consist backup files from 1st laptop, 2nd folder backup files from 2nd laptop). Thanks for reply!

According to Western Digital Specifications the MyBook series already includes WD SmartWare Pro


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Please note that this is a user to user forum. 

Please contact WD Support for direct information about the activation of the WD Smartware Pro for your product.