Western digital my passport ultra vibration problem

Hi I bought a hard drive western digital my passport ultra when i touch it i feel vibration more. i got compare this drive vibration to my friend’s western digital element and western digital my passport but my hard drive vibration is more than element and my passport, is that normal in this model or not? more vibration is harmful that s right?

You should try testing the drive in order to determine if there are any problems.

Try using our Data Lifeguard Diagnostics.

How to test a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows


Me too

My (not new) WD Portable drive model WD 2500BEV External (Serial: WXE708Hxxxxx) is also vibrating.

I have analysed my HD with “Data Lifeguard Diagnostics” but the final report is just a bunch of numbers, which mean nothing to me.

1. Which attribute/item on the final report indicates problems ?


2. what attribute/item value indicates problems ?


Thank you

I tested the drive wiht  Data Lifeguard Diagnostics and test result  is pass and my drive work properly but more vibration in this model western digital my passport ultra is normal or not? is this more vibration harmful for long time using? i don’t want  my data is lost because of vibration

The vibration shouldn’t be as significant as the way you describe.

Please contact support and explain this situation so they can consider what options you have.