Western Digital My Book Studio Edition II Questions before Purchasing


Im considdering buying the studio I with 2TB so I can add 2TB extra when I need it. If I want 2TB extra can i just purchase a 2TB drive extra and stick it in or?

And when reading some reviews I was left with a couple of questions.

In some forums and a review (all from 2009/Q1,Q2 2010) I read that the Power jack doesn’t fit tight and that it sometimes disconnected. Is it already fixed for models you buy in the store nowadays?

People where compaining about the disconnect problem of the eSATA where the drive disappeared. This also happened in USB. Is this problem still there or is this also fixed?

And what about the standby problem. The disk had problems going into normal state and programms could freeze. 

Is this also happenening using it as drive for my media player? And can I just use Tera Copy to transfer files and not install the manager.

Lastly I would like to know what kind of rates I will get under windows using usb and esata and if I can just attach it to my pc and format it to ntsf with windows quick format using the esata cable. I know some external drives can only be formatted using USB and give problems trying eSATA doing this.

I need to do this cause I also want to use it with my Dune Smart B1 media player (which uses eSATA).

Looking forward for a quick reply so i can order.


Yes that’s true you can use the USB port in the back of the unit to add more storage as desired.

As for the power jack I have had that issue with my drive that probably varies on how the my book is treated if anything you can always contact WD to replace it.

If you have any other issue Tech support provides a free 30 from first call date and is updated to a year for $14.95 which is well worth it. Emailed questions with terrific responses is also another option or you can always ask you inquiry here on the forum were always glad to help.

As for formatting using esata I do not think that is possible. The drive needs to be formatted threw USB using the drive manager.


have a silver 2TB studio mybook using windows 7 64 bit, I was getting loss of the drive after sleep and I have tried to upgrade the firmware but all that ended up was that now it cannot be seen through the eSATA cable!

Very disappointed at the problems in set up with this disk.

Do I need to update the drivers using a USB connection?

many thanks

Yes , the firmware needs to be updated while on usb, after that you can use it with Esata. Please make sure to read the steps carefully when upgrading the firmware since it’s a very intricate process and can make the drive unusable.