Western Digital My Book Live 1TB slow FTP transfer


I have got the problem with FTP transfer from My Book Live to PC the speed is about 20kb-30kb, the speed of place where is My Book Live is 20Mbit/20Mbit.
I have got router Linksys, open port 21 and 20, Filezzila Client, the file is about 600MB, I update My Book to the latest firmware,…

no idea…

I can just suggest to test it by transfering using http protocol.

I already  tested it by transfering using http protocol and the speed is same…

Local the FTP speed is OK but from another location (over internet) the download speed is slow max.30kb, I also checked vsftpd.conf


Today I also tested:
On same router on PC I tested FTP server and the speed is OK 20Mbit/20Mbit so the port forwarding, router,… are OK.

Pull the log files from the MBL either using the SSH interface (described elsewhere) or the Web Diagnostics page and see if there’s anything in the logs that might indicate an issue.   

There’s a log file specifically for FTP.


in log seems everything normal and Diagnostic Test pass OK.

and what if you use sftp instead of ftp? also slow?

The mybook is on a 20mbit symmetric connection, but what bandwidth do you have available at the other end? 30 kb/s upload is slow for home broadband, but not unheard of.

I don’t use ftp as it’s proven more hassle than it’s worth where firewalls are concerned, so I’m inclined to think that’s where the problem lies. A network device somewhere between the NAS and the PC is causing the problem.

There’s a whole load of other potential problems though, you’ve not given enough information to take an educated guess at where the problem lies. At the very least, can you upload to other computers on the same lan at a faster speed?

Home I have got 10Mbit/1Mbit  also I try at different location 100Mbit/100Mbit,… yes in local everything works fine.

I will test sftp.

Also that:

new connection FileZilla - 30KB
another new connection - 30KB
together 60KB
another new connetion - 30KB
together 90KB
another new connection - 30KB

together 120KB

Try downloading a PC based FTP server (I use Serv-U myself) and configuring it to point to your network location (//mybooklive/public/shared videos/ for example). This is just for testing purposes.

Once connected see if your speed is the same. Also what happens if you try to download files from your local machine using the same FTP server?

Did this get resolved?

What’s your ping time?  You might have to increase your network buffers if you have what’s known as a Long Fat Network (LFN).

Your last post about the speed being cumulative is a clue in this direction.  And it might be one end, or the other, or both.

The technical question you should ask is “How many unacknowledged in-flight packets are allowed?”

I sold it. Thanks for your help.


How? Didn’t know the MBL could do SFTP.

jazzymood wrote:

and what if you use sftp instead of ftp? also slow?


Check my comment here - http://community.wdc.com/t5/My-Book-Live/FTP-quot-Help-Solve-The-Mystery-quot/td-p/177218