Western Digital My Book 500 GB Hard drive problem

I have a hard drive that broke down. It’s a Western Digital My Book 500 GB Hard drive. I start the drive up. it runs. It makes a weird click sound ( a technology geek friend I have tell me the “head” on the drive isn’t catching). then it dies. Then it tries to start up again, but never fully boots. The data is likely intact. But we can’t get it to start up. My buddy and I actually did try loading it in as a secondary device but that didn’t work. . I want to transfer data to another drive without paying the earth. If I can find someone to do it for me for cheap I’ll consider it. If I could do it myself, that’d be great. Please advice. Thanks so much!!!

If the drive won’t spin up, it will be very difficult not to go to data recovery to retrieve your data.

it seems that the drive is trying to read its boot sector but the reading head is dead :confused: