Western Digital-My Book 1TB External - Win 7 no longer can read HD

I had this hard driver for maybe a month and worked fine, now the Windows 7 can no longer read the HD and cannot access it… Help please?!

Please click here for my screenshot. Any help is appreciated. Thank you, Mitch

As you can see from the screenshoot it recognizes the HD, but I cannot access it.

Any ideas?

I have no solution for you but I have a similar problem with the same HD. I have it for 3 months now and have connected without any problems 2 towers, 2 lap tops and my TV. PC are using XP. But this week-end I bought a new laptop which is on windows 7. I have been able to connect to the HD the first day but I can’t do it any more.

I havn’t installed the WD software as it is not mentionned that it works with windows 7.

Did you find a WD software installation for windows 7 ?

There was a new release for SmartWare.  I would update to it and see if it helps Windows 7 to recognize the drive.


i have a wd elements 500 gb ext. hdd and this problem of it not showing up happen twice to me. when i got my laptop that was loaded with vista, and then after i installed windows 7. after i started getting drivers for my laptop (when it was loaded with vista), it worked all of a sudden. now the  same thing is happening with windows 7. when is there going to be a driver for this to not happen? i have a gateway 64bit and i see online this is becoming a problem all over the map. is wd doing something about this or are they just not concerned? this is a real problem that needs attention and fast.

The link is not working, can you post a better link please

Thank you

If you’re referring to the link I posted, that’s the only link.  You can try a round-about way.  Clink on the SmartWare update button in the link below.


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Are you on an intranet? Did the link change or did you mean to put the word  EARTH in the link?  It appears that the correct link is:


My apologies.  I was on the intranet.  I have no idea how I ended up with an internal link like that.