Western Digital My Book 1TB can't copy, rename, delete some files

I bought my WD My Book 1TB years ago. Just past few weeks, the external hard disk became weird after I try to transfer files from MyBook 2.0 to MyPassport 3.0 .

Some of the file just don’t allow me to transfer, neither read, write or execute. Seem like the files are already "LOCKED"in the MyBook. When I click into some folder, it even give me “Not Responding”.

The smartware of the mybook seem to be corrupted ~~

Besides that, the time taken to detect MyBook with my laptop become slower than before, much more slower.

Can anyone help me with that? If I need to format MyBook to repair it, at least I need to backup the files inside first. There is 1TB of data inside including some important data.

Can anyone help me with this problem please ? Thanks in advance.

If the drive is seen by the computer you can use Recuva or Photorec to recover the data, is not 100% sure but you can try…

I think the problem takes place on the hard dish OS but not the file ?

Before this, my friend got a hard disk which was exactly same as mine, even the same problem.

What he did to recover all the data is, he took out the hard disk and plug it into his desktop as an internal desktop hard disk, it works well… Just like normal hard disk. So i guess it’s not the files themselves corrupt or what…

Anyway, thanks for the suggestion.